Your essential beach wave hair extension guide

Indulge in the ultimate beachy look with Covet & Mane’s Beach Wave extensions. Hand-tied and steam-injected with Asian Remy hair, these extensions offer a frizz-free added texture and gentle sheen to your locks, giving you that effortless summer look all year round. Perfect for those with naturally wavy, keratin-treated or less frizzy hair, these extensions come with a natural “S” shape wave pattern that perfectly blends with your hair for a seamless finish.


To keep your Beach Wave extensions looking their best, we recommend following our care guidelines:


Washing & Brushing

  • Brush your extensions several times thoroughly throughout the day, especially in the morning and night, while holding the base of the weft.
  • Brush before bed and before entering a pool, lake or ocean to avoid tangling and matting.
  • To preserve the quality of the hair, use professional salon-grade products and a wide-tooth comb and make sure to brush through the ends in the shower.
  • Rough dry your hair with your hands to remove excess water and use a salon-grade oil or serum to keep your extensions hydrated.



  • Never go to bed with wet hair to avoid matting and tangling.
  • Put your hair in a loose braid, scrunchie, or silk turban to protect it.



  • When your hair is about 85% dry, begin blow drying the roots thoroughly, and make sure the thread at the top of the weft is dry.
  • Diffuse the hair to create even more beachy waves.
  • Use a heat protectant when styling your hair and avoid applying it to the roots to keep your extensions hydrated and nourished.



  • Braid or put the hair into a bun or ponytail to protect the hair when swimming.
  • Only use mineral sunscreen, as regular sunscreen can discolor your extensions, resulting in a pinkish tone.
  • Wet your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner before getting into the pool or ocean to keep your extensions healthy and protected.


How to Combat Dryness

  • Avoid round brushes and bristles with balls on the ends, as they can cause hair strands to stretch, break, and tangle. Opt for gentle styling tools that respect the integrity of your extensions.
  • To maintain optimal hair health, we advise periodically using a clarifying shampoo every 4-6 weeks. This deep-cleansing treatment removes any product buildup, deposits, or impurities that can dry out the hair. The result? Fresh, revitalized strands that are ready to shine.
  • Make sure to use a light conditioner for Asian Remy extensions as conditioner can become heavy and cause build up.
  • Avoid using heavy oils and silicones that can weigh down the hair, causing it to appear dull, dry, and tangled. Instead, opt for premium products with nourishing properties that won’t strip away moisture.
  • We recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses without compromising the hair’s natural balance.


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