Maintenance Tips for Working Out With Hair Extensions

One of the biggest myths surrounding hair extensions is that you won’t be able to continue your active lifestyle. With Hand-Tied Hair Extensions one of the best things about them is that they don’t stand in the way of you and your workout.  The team at Covet & Mane have put together a few tips to help to keep your hair extensions looking (and smelling) fresh when you workout.

Working out with hair extensions doesn’t have to be high maintenance. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can keep your extensions looking fresh and fabulous while staying active. In this article, we’ll explore practical advice, including a few personal testimonials from our team, to help you maintain your extensions during your workout sessions.

Read on to discover how to keep your locks looking (and smelling) great even when breaking a sweat.


Protecting Your Hair Extensions During Outdoor Workouts

Working out outdoors exposes your hair extensions to the elements. The harshest element of them all being the sun.

Here are some tips to protect them:

  1. Use a UV protectant to help keep your hair color from fading & to keep your extensions hydrated.
  2. Wearing a hat can also help keep your hair from turning brassy from prolonged exposure to the sun as well as blocking out dust and pollen that can sit on your hair extensions and cause them to feel sticky and tangled. 
  3. If you’ll be exercising for an extended period, consider wearing a moisture-locking headscarf or headband made from moisture-wicking fabric. This will help prevent excessive drying and maintain hydration in your hair


Select Hairstyles that Minimize Friction & Tangling

When you participate in an exercise that involves a lot of movement it’s best to avoid friction or having your hair extensions sit on top of your sweaty skin.

Here are few tips for protective hair styles:

  1. Put your hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun.  Make sure to use a silk scrunchie this reduces friction and minimizes tangling and matting.
  2. Wearing a headband can help absorb and limit your hair from getting drenched in sweat which can dry it the hair extensions out over time.  


Proper Washing and Drying Techniques for Hair Extensions

After workouts, it’s crucial to wash your hair and extensions to remove any sweat, dirt, or product buildup.

Here are a few tips for frequent shampoos with hair extensions:

  1. Use a gentle but hydrating shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair extensions clean.  Focus on eliminating sweat and build up at the scalp and less agitation on your actual hair extensions.  Try to separate your hair from the hair extensions and double shampoo your hair first and then shampoo your hair extensions with more gentle downward motions.  Be sure to watch our guide on washing your hair extensions for more in depth tips and tricks. 
  2. Drying Roots: As soon as you are finished washing your hair extensions, use cool air to dry your roots and wefts thoroughly, preventing odor and matting. Also make sure that the base of your wefts are completely dry before blow drying with tension the remainder of your hand tied hair extensions. Remember hand-tied hair extensions are literally tied on with a simple knot, over time while wet the hair shaft expands and the hair can slip right out of the knot if too much tension is applied while the hair is weak, wet and expanded.


Keep your roots dry

We will say it again: Ensure the top of your wefts is completely dry to prevent moisture buildup and potential issues. If you do not have enough time to shampoo after a workout please absorb any sweat along your hairline or scalp or consider a scalp serum.

Use dry shampoo sparingly

Dry shampoo can be helpful for extending time between washes, but it should not replace regular cleansing.

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. If you must use dry shampoo, look for one that is formulated to be gentle and residue-free.
  2. Avoid using dry shampoos that contain heavy oils or silicones, as they can weigh down the extensions and cause buildup. We like and highly recommend Mr. Smith Dry Shampoo


Try top washing for ultimate low maintenance lifestyle hack

Our team at Covet & Mane is a huge fan of Top-Washing.  It literally has changed our lives.  We get in salon blowouts and extend that fresh from the salon look by just focusing on a quick wash and blow dry on the hair in your crown and hairline.  It’s a 10 minutes maximum style session that makes you look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Here are a few benefits of top washing your hair extensions: 

  1. By washing only the necessary areas, you can refresh your hair without the need for a full wash
  2. It saves time, minimizes exposure to water, and helps maintain the longevity of your extensions.  


Detangle, detangle, detangle

Preventing tangles is essential for keeping your extensions in top shape.

Follow these detangling techniques:

  1. Keep a hair extension safe brush and a detangler in your gym bag to keep your hair extensions tangle-free.
  2. Make sure to brush immediately after your workouts.

Working out with hair extensions doesn’t have to be a challenge. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure your extensions stay fresh, tangle-free, and odorless, even during your most intense workouts. Embrace your fitness journey without compromising your hair extension investment.

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