high pony style GUIDE

You’ve elevated your hair game with Covet & Mane extensions – now it’s time to style them. Here is a guide to creating the perfect high pony look.

Pro Tip: In order to maintain a fluffy look, don’t detangle the hair beforehand. 

Step One: Start off by taking a little triangle section part with your fingers.

Step Two: Leave out the front pieces of hair if you’d like. Take your finger and go straight up from behind the ear, making sure you’re not snagging any of your wefts. Grab a clip to hold this section up, and repeat this step on the other side. Make sure to not jam the weft as you grab the hair.

Step Three: Grab both sections of the hair in one hand, and brush the wefts up at a 90 degree angle.

Step Four: Make sure you’re not pulling on the natural hair. Part of the row is going to be coming down and part of it will be going up. Gently brush over the wefts in an upward motion. 

Step Five: Use any hair tie, preferably a non metal elastic, and wrap it around the pony three times, making sure you aren’t pulling too tight.  

Step Six: Release any tension on your natural hair, especially where your weft is connected to your hair, by gently pulling the hair around the pony with your fingers, naturally adding texture to the look. Use Mr. Smith Hairspray to keep the look in place.

Pro Tip: To elevate this look, take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around the pony, securing it with a bobby pin. Cover your wefts with any remaining hair.

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