Sleep by Covet & Mane

Silk WaveRod + Creaseless Silk Scrunchies + Claw Clip


Achieve the heatless waves of your dreams with Sleep by Covet & Mane, created so you can put your hair to work while you sleep. Use your Silk WaveRod day or night to form frizz-free waves without the use of heat. 

For best results, pair our Silk WaveRod with our Silk Turban.

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  • Silk WaveRod –  Heat-free alternative for creating effortless waves without causing damage. 
  • Creaseless Silk Scrunchies – Silk scrunchies that reduce tension commonly associated with traditional hair elastics.
  • Claw Clip – Pink clip to secure hair.


  • Healthy, heat-free alternative for curling your hair without causing any damage
  • Prevents hair creases and kinks
  • Retains your hair’s natural moisture and shine
  • Reduces tension commonly associated with traditional hair elastics

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