Hair Care

Proper Brushing

It’s important to properly brush your hair extensions multiple times a day in order to avoid matting and tangling. 


Use a brush with rubber looped ends. Begin by separating your natural hair from your hand-tied hair extensions and start by brushing from the mid-shaft downwards. While detangling your hair extensions from the mid-shaft and down make sure that you apply some pressure to the top of your hand-tied hair extensions so that you don’t apply too much tension to your scalp.

Once you have completed brushing your hair extensions from the mid-shaft you can begin brushing toward the weft (what connects the hand-tied hair extensions together)  Hold the weft in place and brush with care. If you have more than one row of hand-tied hair extensions, make sure to brush and detangle your natural hair between each row.

Make sure you brush your hair immediately before and after washing your hand-tied hair extensions as well. When your hand-tied hair extensions are wet, proceed with gentle caution.  The cotton threads that secure your hand-tied hair are made of organic material that swell and expand with water and contract when dry.  Be mindful that you want to absorb water from the roots or tap with gentle yet “rough” blow with water to make sure your hand-tied hair extensions are ready to brush after washing your hair.

Brush several times throughout the day to ensure tangle-free hair!


Do not use a brush with sharp edges as it may pierce the hand-tied hair extension weft. Be sure to never brush from the weft to tip.


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