Rebecca Diez

Casa Meka
Greenville, SC

I'm Rebecca, co-owner of Casa Meka in downtown Greenville, SC. I've been in the industry for 9 years and currently specialize in luxury extensions and color. I am constantly looking for what's new in hair and love bringing only the best techniques and products to my clients and models!

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What they're saying

“Beka is THE BEST at extensions! I found her on IG when I moved from Atlanta to SC. She uses one row on me and it completely changes the look of my hair. One row makes my hair so thick.”

“I’m addicted to my extensions! I always forget I have extensions because they are so comfortable. I can wear my hair up in a high ponytail which I’ve never been able to do with extensions.”

“Beka is such a pro at extensions! I constantly get compliments on my hair and no one believes it’s extensions. My husband loves what she can do with my hair, he will even sit for a 3 hour appointment and wait for me 😉 She is well worth 3 hours of driving!”

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