Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster

Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster Hair
Indianapolis, IN

As a woman who has struggled with achieving my dream volume and length I have dabbled in extensions for most of my 15 year career behind the chair. Once I discovered beaded row extension methods I realized how customizable and diverse they could be for my clients, but also my own hair. Joining the Covet and Mane Collective was a no brainer, as their dedication to quality, communication and constant improvement was a standard I searched for as I strive to provide an elevated, customized experience for every one of my guests!

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Specialities: Blondes, Length

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What they're saying

“About 3 years ago I set up a consultation with Sarah at Witch Hazel Salon, little did I know that appointment would give me a new level of confidence and the best hair I have ever had. I have personally worn every type of extensions for the past 10 years and my hair has never looked better than when Sarah has done them. Aside from her being incredibly knowledgeable, Sarah works hard to make sure her clients know that she has their best interest in mind when it comes to feeling great about their hair. The extensions are so easy to wear and are such a great option for someone looking to add length or thickness! I will be a life-long client and feel so grateful to have Sarah’s expertise when it comes to my hair!”

“Gosh, where do I even begin?! First and foremost, Sarah is a beautiful human inside and out. She has a presence about her that makes you feel all warm inside when you’re in her chair. We spend our time together laughing and gossiping about bad reality shows. We share books and podcasts with one another, our business ventures, and life milestones. It truly feels like I’m catching up with an old friend when we have our sessions. I have spent years searching for the right person who not only cared about the health of my hair but also about me as a person – Sarah does both! She is magnificently talented, and so full of knowledge. I came to Sarah almost two years ago (wow!) looking to fulfill all my mermaid hair dreams. My natural hair was very fine and brittle when I first came to Sarah, but then again I also wasn’t taking the best care of it because I didn’t know what to do. Sarah has taught me so much about hair health along the way, and my natural hair – though still naturally thin (I will die with two rows in) has grown so much and feels so much more healthy to the touch. To top it all off, Sarah has gone through one wild ride with me since the beginning. Unbeknownst to me, I see a fun picture without truly knowing all the hard work behind the scenes that goes into it. Sarah, without a beat, runs with each wild creation I bring her and she has created absolute masterpieces. I would travel the world for Sarah if ever needed!”

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Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster Hair
Indianapolis, Indiana


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