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Angela Goff
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Angela Goff

Salon: Angela Goff Styling
Method: NBR IBE
Specialities: Brondes & Brunettes, Blondes
Aesthetic: Boho/ Lived In Vibes

Hair extensions are a whole different universe inside of the hair industry requiring a different level of artistry and integrity. I have been an extension artist for 23 years and I love this business. Women come into my studio every day placing their self confidence, beauty goals, and vulnerabilities into my hands and I take that as a huge responsibility. When I first learned of hand tied hair extensions, I chose not to offer it immediately to my guest because I realized that there was a level of practiced skill required in order to offer the service at the highest standard. I chose instead to attend many in-person classes with the nbr creator, and then to further my training and learn the art of ibe extensions in order to study the craft on a first-hand level.

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