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Kara Shaver
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Kara Shaver

Salon: KP Styling
Aesthetic: Boho

I am a creator or confidence, of optimism, laughs, change, and pretty hair. I love to love on people, and to help them get to the place of feeling their absolute highest self. By being a hair extension artist, I’m given the privilege to offer such change in women’s lives that not only boosts their confidence, but casts a poised glow that never gets old no matter how many transformations I do. I myself struggle with not being able to grow the hair that suits my sassy personality, so I can personally relate to my my guests pain of beauty. Although I have loads of pride in
my work, I don’t do any of it for myself. I do it to make a difference in my guest lives by giving them a veil of a mane to be able to live their best, sassiest, hair flipping life.

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