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Mckenzie Sellers
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Mckenzie Sellers

Salon: Mckenzie Hair Co
Method: NBR, Fine or Thinning Hair
Specialities: Brondes & Brunettes
Aesthetic: BohoBoho/ Lived In Vibes

I’ve known that I wanted to do hair since I was 14 years old. It’s the only career I’ve ever known. I reached the phase of ‘burnout’ about 5 years into my career and I knew I needed to find a way to work smarter & still love doing my craft. I’d always had fine thin hair that didn’t grow, close to what toddler hair is like. I was searching for an extension method that would solve my own hair insecurities, and I realized I could solve this same problem for my clients who related to me. I’ve now been doing NBR for 6 years, and it’s my specialty! Extensions helped me work smarter, work less and make more, all while still putting my heart & soul into my work.

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