You’ve elevated your hair game with Covet & Mane extensions – now it’s time to take care of them. Here are some of our hair care tips and tricks for washing and brushing:

  • Avoid overwashing your hair – try washing once or twice a week.
  • Brush your hair before getting into the shower to avoid tangling or matting.
  • Use sulfate free shampoo to prolong longevity of extensions and hair color.
  • Thoroughly cleanse in between wefts as well as completely rinse any excess conditioner.
  • Use a detangler/heat protectant after washing & use a hair oil everyday to ensure nourishment.
  • When you’re done showering, squeeze your hair dry (don’t rub!) and hydrate your hair with a leave-in conditioner. We recommend putting your hair in a towel turban to help soak up any excess water.
  • When brushing, pinch your hair like a ponytail and brush from the bottom up.
  • It’s extremely important to brush through your hair multiple times a day to avoid matting and knots.
  • Brush each row individually, starting mid way and making your way to the top of the weft.

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