Hair Care

Winter Hair Care

As we head into winter, it’s important to switch up your hair care routine during the colder months to help combat dryness and static. 


Proper PH is Key

To avoid product build up, avoid using clarifying shampoo as it dries out both your natural hair and your extensions. Use shampoos with good PH levels to help keep your real hair and your extensions properly moisturized. 


Sleep on Satin

Satin pillowcases help prevent both your hair and your skin from feeling dry during the winter. 


Mask Appeal 

Because your hair tends to feel more dry in the winter, try using a hydrating hair mask every few weeks to moisturize your hair without making it feel too heavy. Hair masks will keep your hair hydrated and ensure your scalp feels clean without weighing down your hair. 


Defeat Dryness 

Try washing your hair less during the winter – your hair won’t feel as dry, and it will allow for your blowouts to last longer. On day two or three, add serum to your ends to help nourish your hair, as wearing scarves and wool dry out your hair and make it feel staticy. Counteract any dryness and use serums that moisturize your hair so it feels fresh and healthy.

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